Water and Sewer Utility Rates

Utility Rates Comparison

Recently, the Whitewater Common Council authorized the Water Utility to apply to the Public Service Commission to review water rates. It is expected a 24% increase will be necessary to help pay for the new elevated water tower and replacement of water mains under East Main Street and Yoder lane. The new water tower along Highway 12 will replace the retiring Starin Park water tower and reservoir at the corner of Starin Road and Fremont Street, both of which are >100 years old.

The Council also reviewed a utility bill comparison of a typical residential customer who uses 3,000 gallons per month. The analysis shows how Whitewater compares to other like-sized utilities in the surrounding four county area including Walworth, Jefferson, Waukesha and Rock counties. The comparison includes only the Water and Sewer portion of the bill as communities do not treat Public Fire Protection and Stormwater charges consistently.

Overall, Whitewater is $5.81 above the combined water and sewer bill average among the 25 communities. In regards to water bills alone, Whitewater is $5.07 under the average of the 25 communities. In regards to sewer bills, Whitewater is $10.88 above the average. If the expected increase to water rates is approved by the Public Service Commission, the water bill for the residential customer who uses 3,000 gallons per month will increase by $5.89.

Below is the full chart comparing the nearby communities utility rates for the average 3,000 gallon/month residential customer. 

Screenshot 2022-07-25 171518