Water Utility

Drinking Water Quality Reports

The drinking water quality reports are designed to inform you about the quality of the drinking water and other services we deliver to you every day. These reports communicate the source of the City’s water supply and also summarize all of the detected constituents from the sampling results for each year as well as any violations of Safe Drinking Water Standards.

Our  mission is to provide water and superior customer service to the Utility’s rate payers with safe drinking water and an adequate supply for fire protection.  In addition, to meet and exceed all WDNR/EPA/PSC standard practices and to comply with all testing requirements set forth by environmental regulatory agencies.

Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the quality of your water. If you have any questions about this report or concerns about your water utility, please call the Water Superintendent Jim Bergner at 262-473-0560.