Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of water and sewer service, water quality, maintenance of vehicles, streets, facilities, parks, and many public projects.  

The public works staff is committed to interacting in a professional, responsive, and courteous manner at all times and be accessible to the community we serve.  We strive to provide an exception level of customer service and hope you will contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have to help us achieve this goal.

Streets, Parks, Forestry & Stormwater Utility

Maintains the upkeep of all City owned streets, sidewalks, street lights, signal lights, street signage, City owned parks including all entities associated within all parks, all maintenance of City owned trees along with making sure our stormwater system is maintained and is in operation that meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations.

Wastewater Utility

Returns all consumed water within the City of Whitewater back into the environment in a responsible fashion that meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations. In order to do so, utility staff is tasked with maintaining and operating the public conveyance system or the "collection system" along with the treatment facility and its associated programs.  

Water Utility

Responsible for the daily operation, maintenance, repair and construction of wells, pumping operations, water mains, water storage vessels, hydrants and metering for the City's potable water system all while meeting and exceeding State and Federal regulations in an environmental friendly manner.

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