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Composting Makes Sense

Instead of sending useful organic matter to a landfill (which in many states has been outlawed), it can be transformed into a useful additive for the soil.

Composting Is Easy

Compost can be used for a variety of gardening projects. It can enrich gardens, improve the soil around trees and shrubs, and be used as a soil additive for house plants and planter boxes. Compost can do the following:

  • Decrease erosion
  • Enhance soil texture
  • Increase the ability of the soil to absorb air and water
  • Reduce the need to apply chemical fertilizers
  • Suppress weed growth

Business Uses for Compost

  • Farmers use compost for enhancing crops and for sod farms.
  • Landscapers also use compost to cover landfills and carry out reclamation projects.
  • Landscapers use compost as a soil amendment and for decorative purposes on private properties, golf courses, and athletic fields.
  • Nurseries use compost for enhancing plant and forest seedling crops in reforestation projects.
  • Public agencies use compost for landscaping highway median strips, parks, recreational areas, and other public property.