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The Parks & Recreation department provides events and programs for the community to enjoy including youth sports, after school programs, many parks and the Aquatic & Fitness Center. Check out the website today to learn how to get involved.

Official Parks & Recreation Website

For more information, visit their official website.

Learn about how you can get involved with the Whitewater Community Garden

Whitewater Park Rules and Regulations

Park Hours: 6:00 am–12:00 am except Indian Mounds Park (Sunrise–Sunset) and Brewery Hill Park (6:00 am–Dusk)

Trail Hours: Open 24 hours per day

Park Rest Rooms: Open April 1–October 31


Shelters may be reserved the weekend closest to April 15 through the weekend closest to October 31. If not reserved, shelters are available on a first come, first-served basis.


Persons shall not in any manner mar, injure, deface, or destroy any tree, shrub, or plant standing or growing in the park, nor any fence, guide post, sign, table, bench, building, or any other thing of value in any public park, grounds, or place, nor shall they disturb or interfere with any wildlife within the parks.


No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any city park other than Starin Park. The City Clerk may issue permits allowing the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Cravath Lake Park, Trippe Lake Park, Starin Park Community Building and other municipal buildings as deemed appropriate. A permit may be granted by the Common Council pertaining to the consumption of alcoholic beverages in parks other than Starin Park, Cravath Lake Park and Trippe Lake Park.


All glass beverage containers are prohibited within the parks.


Food and/or merchandise shall not be sold in any city park except by agreement or permit issued by the City Clerk.


It is unlawful for any person to operate a motorcycle, minibike, snowmobile, dune buggy, go cart, all-terrain vehicle or other recreational vehicle or motor vehicle in any park in the City of Whitewater. This section does not prohibit a person from legally operating a motor vehicle on public roads within parks; from parking on park property adjacent to public roads in the park; or from operating motorboats on lakes that are part of a park. It is unlawful for any person to operate a bicycle within Indian Mounds Park. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on city trails.


Use of amplification systems within the parks for the purpose of public entertainment must obtain a Public Entertainment Permit through the City Clerk’s Office if said amplification system is not part of an authorized recreation program. It is the responsibility of the group using/reserving the facility/park to keep the noise level acceptable so as not to annoy or disturb the surrounding area of the park.


All fires must be contained within grills or designated cooking devices. Coals must be thoroughly extinguished and cooled prior to being placed in a trash receptacle.


Any person owning, keeping, or in charge of any animal shall not permit such animal to be in Indian Mounds Park or in any municipal buildings at any time. This will not be applicable in cases in which a person is being assisted by a service dog. Animals are permitted in all other municipal parks and open space. Owners are required to keep their pet on a leash and clean up after their animals and follow proper pet etiquette.

Cravath Lakefront Amphitheater

A new amphitheater has been approved by city council to be installed at Cravath Lakefront park spring 2020.

August 21, 2020- Sod was put down around the amphitheater August 21, 2020. The grand opening is in a few weeks and we are getting ready.

September 17, 2020- The Amphitheater was open for a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Piano Guys performed to a socially distanced crowd into the evening. 


Update June 1, 2020

After a few months on hold, we are excited to share that the construction of the Amphitheater is back underway. The project began in February and was on schedule until the Corona Virus shut the project down in mid-March. Because the structure was fabricated in Michigan, it remained there until the state reopened. Originally scheduled to be delivered on April 1st, the structure arrived in Whitewater May 22, 2020 and construction is moving forward with a completion time planned for the end of July.

Amphitheater Update 6-2-20
  1. Schematic Plans
  2. Press Release November 11, 2019
  3. Cravath Lakefront Map
Amphitheater Schematic