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Cravath Lakefront Amphitheater

A new amphitheater has been approved by city council to be installed at Cravath Lakefront park spring 2020.


  1. Schematic Plans
  2. Press Release November 11, 2019
  3. Cravath Lakefront Map
Amphitheater Schematic

Lake Drawdown Information

  1. July 2019

Drawdown Time frame

Summer of 2019- Spring 2021

  • Drawdown of Cravath and Trippe Lakes July 8 – September 30, 2019
  • Dredging project anticipated to begin winter of 2020/21
  • Lakes remain drawn down through out this time frame
  • Lakes to be refilled in the spring of 2021

Approximate Dredging Volume and Cost

Potential Dredging Plan

  • Cravath Lake   = 37,000 cubic yards 
    • (Would provide a 50’ wide channel at 5 ‘ depth side slopes of 10:1)
  • Trippe Lake   = 44,000 cubic yards
    • (Would provide a 50’ wide channel at 6 ‘ depth side slopes of 10:1 )

Total Material Removed Approximately =  81,000 cubic yards

Estimated Cost

  • Subtotal   = $1,063,055.20
  • Contingency (20%)   =    $ 212,611.04
  • Total Construction Costs  =  $ 1,275,666.24

Proposed Dredging Area

Dredging Map July 2019
Lake Drawdown Open Dam 7-10-19

Lake Drawdown Time Lapse Video July 2019

Lake drawdown time lapse July 2019

Update Video 9-17-19

Lake Draw Down Video Image

Update Video 3-16-19

Lake drawdown 03-16-19

Update Video 12-12-18

Lake drawdown 12-12-18

Update Video 7-12-18

Lake drawdown 7-12-18

Cravath Lakefront Lake Drawdown and Dam Repairs Update August 1, 2019

Cravath Lake Drawdown Update July 26, 2019. Trippe Lake planned to start in early August. 

Week of July 8, 2019

City Manager, Cameron Clapper and Parks & Recreation Director Eric Boettcher worked with city staff David Himsel and Andy Ascher to open the dam at Cravath Lake allowing water to flow both under and over it. Monday, July 8th was the first day to release water from the lake. A marker was painted on a nearby rock in order to monitor the amount of water dropping each day. Cameron released more water Wednesday, July 10th. There is a drain located in the Mill pond near the 5 American Flags Memorial. The water will drain here and at the bottom of the dam allowing additional water to flow under Main street toward the creek. This is the first step of the drawdown. Staff will monitor the amount of water that is removed from Cravath lake and make alterations as needed to stay on track. Stay tuned for more updates as the drawdown progresses.