Why You Should Recycle

According to a recent study by the Be SMART Coalition, ~ most area residents consider themselves ‘sometimes’ or ‘always’ recyclers. Most residents say that they recycle because they want to:

  • Save resources. For each aluminum can you recycle, the energy saved is enough to power a TV for 4 hours!
  • Save landfill space.
  • Save tax dollars.

Help spread the word that recycling is a great thing to do for your community and the environment! Make sure you recycle everything that you can!

Clean Sweep Program

Clean Sweep is dedicated to the proper collection and disposal of "hazardous waste." 

Contact Walworth County for their specific clean sweep date at 262-741-3116.

Contact Jefferson County for their specific clean sweep date at 920-674-7430.

Donate Unused Car to Wheels for Wishes

Make the most of your unused vehicles. Donate to Wheels for Wishes.

Your tax deductible car donation helps make children’s wishes come true! The car donation program offers:

  • Fast, free pick-up and towing from anywhere
  • Maximum possible charitable tax deduction
  • Professional service and easy donation process
Whitewater Recycling Event 9-17-22 website