Citizen Complaints Against Department Personnel

This complaint process is to be used as a means of filing a complaint concerning the conduct of a department employee. To file a non-emergency complaint or call for service dial 262-473-0555 to speak to the dispatcher on duty. Dial 911 for all emergencies.

Complaint Policy

It is the Policy of the Whitewater Police Department to promptly investigate allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing by department members and to take appropriate action as to discipline, policy change, or exoneration. Whoever knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer is subject to a Class A forfeiture.  

A complaint means that someone is dissatisfied with our performance. If we are doing something wrong, the complaint will help the department recognize and correct deficiencies in our service to the community. It is the intent of the Whitewater Police Department to provide its residents with only the highest quality law enforcement service.

Citizen Complaint Form