Mission & Values


We strive to be leaders in policing for our community and models of character, honor, service, and excellence. We resolve to develop a creative and problem solving workforce dedicated to innovation and meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

In times of crisis, we strive to defend public safety, maintain order, and restore a sense of personal wholeness. Our goal is to protect and serve our diverse and dynamic community with integrity, dignity and respect.


  1. Commitment to Service
  2. Leadership
  3. Justice
  4. Compassion
  5. Partnership
  6. Pride

Maintain an Enduring Commitment to Serve the People of Our Community

  • The Whitewater Police Department will maintain a commitment to serving the varied needs of our community, both in times of crisis and in peace.
  • We understand that dedicated service is far larger than self and encompasses duty to the city, state, and nation at different times.
  • Commitment to service inspires strength under adversity, swift protection of those in need, innovative problem solving, and planning for the future.