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Overlay Permission Area

If you would like more information about the overlay permission area, please email Public Works Director Brad Marquardt or call at 262-473-0139.

Voting Ward & Aldermanic District Map

When using the interactive Voting Ward and Aldermanic District Map, use the "Layers" button on the top menu to turn different map layers on and off. Zoom in on the map to view addresses and streets.

Touring Historical Whitewater

In 2004, the Remember When Group (from the Seniors in the Park program), the Whitewater Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, and Whitewater Community TV began the production of the "Touring Historical Whitewater" (PDF) brochure. A copy of this brochure was published in 2005 with funding from the Whitewater Tourism Council.

Touring Historical Whitewater, a guide to Whitewater Homes, Schools, Parks and Cemeteries, was made possible by the following Groups and Organizations.

  • "Remember When," Seniors in the Park
  • And in Memory of James Kestol, founder of the "Remember When" group
  • Irvin L. Young Library
  • Whitewater Community Development Authority
  • Whitewater Community Television
  • Whitewater Department of Park and Recreation
  • Whitewater Historical Society
  • Whitewater Tourism Department


Revisions are being made to this brochure. If residents or local historians have any corrections or additions for this brochure, don't hesitate to call 262-473-1387 or email Kristin Mickelson, Media and Community TV Manager for the City of Whitewater.