Open Records

Informative Notice as to Public Records

This notice is given in conformance with the State of Wisconsin's declared policy that all persons are entitled to the greatest possible information regarding affairs of government and official acts of officers and employees and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 335, Laws of 1981.

Name of Office

The City of Whitewater, Walworth and Jefferson Counties, Wisconsin.

Description of Organization

The City of Whitewater is a municipal corporation, governed by the Common Council, consisting of seven elected members.

Time & Place Records are Available 

Except as prohibited by law, all records relating to the operation of the above organization are available for review and/or copying at the City of Whitewater Municipal Building.

How to Get Access & Obtain Information

If you want information about, or desire access to, or copies of any public records, please complete the fillable Open Records Request Form below and email to the City Clerk.  All questions should be directed to the City of Whitewater Municipal Clerk's Office by telephone at 262-473-0102 or email City Clerk.

Open Records Request Form

Legal Custodian

The Legal Custodian of City of Whitewater records is the City Clerk, except in those instances where immediate possession may be with a department head. Contact the City Clerk at 262-473-0102 or email City Clerk .

Costs Involved 

  • Cost of Inspection. No cost will be charged for inspection of available public records.
  • Record Locating. Where records are not readily accessible, a charge for actual and direct cost of locating the requested records will be made.
  • Cost of copies. Copies of records will be made at the following cost: Individual copies - TBD based upon request.