Rental Property Records

In July of 2008, the Common Council of the City of Whitewater adopted an ordinance to create a Residential Rental Registration requirement in the City of Whitewater. A premises is considered rented if any funds are paid by a resident to another party for the right to reside at the property. The ordinance does not apply to legally-recognized non-profit rental entities, the State of Wisconsin, or any agency thereof.


The purpose of the requirement is to collect current and accurate information identifying existing rental properties within the City, and the initiation or termination of rental of a premises. Each owner of a rented residential premises within the City shall complete and return to the City Clerk a registration form. The form requires information pertaining to the premises, including identification of the name, address, and phone number of the property owner; the property location and property location name, if any; the phone number, email address and address of the primary contact person, and directions for contacting that person. This requirement applies to all rented residential premises. The registration shall be completed within 15 days of rental of the residence.

Termination of Rental of a Premises

The registration shall be effective and valid for the life of the residential rental entity. Each residential rental owner shall notify the City Clerk upon termination of the rental of the premises within 15 days of the change. Anyone convicted of violating any provision of the ordinance will be subject to a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $200 for each violation, in addition to the costs of prosecution. Each day of violation shall be considered a separate offense.

Rental Registration Form

Complete and submit the Online Rental Registration Form (click red button below)Online Rental Registration Fillable Form Opens in new window

Contact the City Clerk for questions: 
Phone: 262-473-0102
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The Rental Registration chart lists information on rental properties that has been filed with the City Clerk's office, as required by Ordinance.  Please note that if a property owner has not filed their information, that information will not be on the chart.