Ethics and Civility

A Welcome to Public Officials

Welcome to the world of public service. As a newly elected or appointed official in the City of Whitewater, there is much to learn about the inner workings of city government and the city organization as a whole. However, do not be intimidated; any effort you put forward in learning the ins and outs of municipal government operations will be greatly rewarded through the positive impact you will be able to make on the Whitewater community. Citizenship demands the shouldering of civic responsibility by all those who would preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. By virtue of your appointment, you have become an example of true citizenship for your peers in the Whitewater Community.

While government is often thought of as redundant or inefficient, good government actually makes all our lives better by preserving a sure foundation on which to build our families, businesses, and communities. By giving of your time and talents to benefit your community, you will serve as a positive example to your fellow community members, but you will also have the opportunity to leave a valuable legacy for those that will follow after you.

This manual has been prepared to aid you in gaining a basic understanding of some of the fundamentals of conduct and operations within city government. Please feel free to refer to this manual often. Know also that city ordinances and city staff can be valuable resources in helping to guide you in your efforts to serve the community.

Welcome and congratulations on your new role as a public official!

Statement of Purpose

It is the goal and expectation of the City of Whitewater that all public officials (elected or appointed) strive to uphold, exhibit, and promote civil and ethical conduct in public forums and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, integrity, truthfulness, and fairness in carrying out their public duties. To this end, the following code of conduct has been developed to help illustrate the characteristics public officials are encouraged to emulate while in office.

The Good Governance Manual 

The purpose of this manual has been to provide new committee members, including common council members, with helpful information that clarifies fundamental elements of serving in a public office for the City of Whitewater. Committee members are encouraged to read the manual, Handbook for Wisconsin Municipal Officials, produced by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and to become familiar with the Whitewater Municipal Code of Ordinances in an effort to gain further knowledge regarding the role of public officials in Wisconsin. As always, feel free to contact the city manager’s office at 262-473-0101 with any additional questions regarding municipal operations or this manual.