As a representative of the City of Whitewater, public officials are encouraged to help strengthen the community by building public trust, encouraging open dialogue, maintaining transparency and actively sharing ideas and opinions with others in thoughtful and considerate ways. Providing citizens with adequate information on priorities, programs, and activities contributes to government legitimacy. Effective public communication efforts enable citizens engagement and participation.  

Ethics in government involves not only sending out persuasive messages to the public, but also explaining working policies, creating awareness of the rights of citizens, and developing mechanisms that enable two-way communication between citizens and government.

In an effort to increase government communication capacity City of Whitewater staff are continually engaging more citizens by using a variety of communication outlets which include not only written communication and public meetings, but a variety of other outlets: Community Television Channel 98/990, City website, Facebook, Twitter, Polco, press releases, interviews and appearances which are overseen by our  PR/Communications department.

At the beginning of each Common Council meeting, I present a short City Manager's Report. This report contains department updates, city events, and reports on pending issues and topics within and around Whitewater.  

I enjoy being involved and engaged with the community and the residents as much as my schedule allows.  If you are interested in having me at your event, to present or speak please complete the Speaking/Engagement Form.

If you would like to let us know how we are doing at the City, please feel free to send me your compliments, ideas, suggestions, or thoughts.

Thank you,

Cameron L. Clapper
City Manager