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Stormwater Management Permit Application

  1. City of Whitewater

    312 W. Whitewater Street
    P.O. Box 178
    Whitewater, WI 53190

  2. Stormwater Management Permit Applicaiton
  3. Instructions:

    Read all instructions before completing applciation.

  4. Applicant/Entity Receiving Permit
  5. Property Owner
  6. Engineer
  7. City of Whitewater

    Stormwater Management Plan Application Checklist

  8. Please check the appropriate box I=Included: NA=Non-Applicable
  9. (If "NA" is checked, an explanation must be entered.)
  10. Checklist
  11. A. Submittal Requirements
  12. 1. Permit Application Form
  13. 2. Maintenance Agreement
  14. 3. Financial Guarantee
  15. 4. Certification/Stamp of Wisconsin Prof. Engineer
  16. B. Predevelopment Site Conditions Mapping
  17. 1. Location Map
  18. 2. Soils Survey Map
  19. 3. Existing Land Use Mapping
  20. 4. Predeveloped site Conditions
  21. a. Existing Contours
  22. b. Property Lines
  23. c. Existing flow paths and direction
  24. d. Outlet locations
  25. e. Drainage basin divides and subdivides
  26. f. Existing drainage structures on and adjacent to the site.
  27. g. Nearby Watercourses
  28. h. Lakes, streams, wetlands, channels, ditches, etc.
  29. i. Limits of the 100-year floodplain
  30. j. Wells/Wellhead Protection Areas
  31. C. Post-Development Site Condition Mapping
  32. 1. Pervious Surfaces
  33. 2. Impervious Surfaces
  34. 3. One Foot Topographic Contours
  35. 4. Proposed Drainage System (including applicable off-site)
  36. 5. Proposed Easement Locations
  37. 6. Proposed Flow Paths Overland Flow Routes
  38. 7. Proposed Outlets/Drainage Divides
  39. D. Drawings/Details
  40. 1. Practice Location/Layout/Cross Sections
  41. 2. Outlet Structure Details
  42. 3. Ditch/Storm Sewer Plan/Profile
  43. 4. Other
  44. E. Calculations, including computer modeling input and output fiiles
  45. 1. Hydrograph Parameter Calculations
  46. 2. Computer Modeling Input/Output (Pre and Post-Development
  47. 3. Detention Pond Routing
  48. 4. Conveyance System Design
  49. 5. Other
  50. F. Narrative
  51. 1. Methodologies and Assumptions
  52. 2. Results/Conclusions
  53. a. Pre and Post-developed parameter summary
  54. b. Pre and Post-developed peak discharge summary
  55. 3. Provisions to preserve nature topography/cover features
  56. 4. Limitations from wellhead protections plans and ordinances
  57. 5. Results of investigations of soils and groundwater
  58. 6. Practice Installation Schedule
  59. 7. Maintenance Plan
  60. 8. Cost Estimates
  61. Other Information
  62. Application Checklist Summary Tables Examples

    Please use below examples to model summary tables and upload tables below.

  63. Hydrologic Parameters
    Basin NameDrainage Area (Ac) ExistingDrainage Area (Ac) ProposedRunoff Curve Number ExistingRunoff Curve Number FutureTime of Concentration (min) ExistingTime of Concentration (min) Future

  64. Peak Discharge Summary

    Outfall No.   
    Peak Discharge (cfs)

    Storm FrequencyPredev. Postdev.Postdev. w/Detention






     Note:  Provide 1 table for each outfall locaton.

  65. Detention Basin Summary

    Detention Basin: 

                                                     Peak Discharge (cfs)

    Storm FrequencyStorage Volume (ac-ft)InflowDischargePond Elevation






    Note: Provide 1 table for each detention basin.

  66. City of Whitewater
  67. Stormwater Management
  68. General Conditions

    (a)  All storm water management measures shall be installed in accordance with the approved storm water management plan and this permit.

    (b)  The Director of Public Works shall be notified at least three (3) business days before commencing any work in conjunction with the storm water management plan, and within three (3) business days upon completion of the storm water management practices.

    (c)  Practice installations shall be certified "as built" by a licensed professional engineer.  Completed storm water management practices must pass a final inspection by the Director of Public Works or its designee to determine if they are in accordance with the approved storm water management plan and ordinance.

    (d)  The Director of Public Works shall be notified of any significant proposed modifications to an approved storm water management plan.

    (e) All storm water management practices shall be maintained in accordance with the storm water management plan until the practices either become the responsibility of the City of Whitewater, or transferred to subsequent private owners as specified in the approved maintenance agreement.

    (f)  The City of Whitewater is authorized to perform any work or operations necessary to bring storm water management measures into conformance with the approved storm water management plan, and consent to a special assessment or charge against the property as authorized under subch. VII of ch. 66, Wis. Stats. , or to charging such costs against the financial guarantee posted under S. 10.

    (g)  If so directed by the Director of Public Works, all damage to adjoining facilities and drainage ways caused by runoff, where such damage is caused by activities that are not in compliance with the approved storm water management plan shall be repaired at the permitee's expense.

    (h)  Access is permitted to the Director of Public Works or its designee for the purpose of inspecting the property for compliance with the approved storm water management plan and this permit.

  71. Permit VALID for a period of twelve (12) months from date of issuance by Director of Public Works and all work must be completed prior to the expiration unless authorized in writing from the Director of Public Works.
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