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Construction Site Erosion Control Permit Application

  1. City of Whitewater

    312 W. Whitewater Street
    P.O. Box 178
    Whitewater, WI 53190

  2. Construction Site Erosion Control Permit
  3. Instructons:

    Read all instructions before completing application.

  4. Applicant/Entity Receiving Permit
  5. Property Owner
  6. Engineer (Where Applicable)
  7. Permit Conditions:

     (a)  Permittee shall notify the Director of Public Works 48 hours prior to commencing any land disturbing construction activity.

    (b)  Permittee shall notify the Director of Public Works of practice installation within five (5) days of installation.

    (c)  Permittee shall obtain permission in writing from Director of Public Works prior to any modification pursuant to S.08(20 of the erosion and sediment control ordinance.

    (d) Permittee shall install all practices as identified in the approved erosion and sediment control plan.

    (e)  Permittee shall maintain all road drainage systems, stormwater drainage systems, BMP's and other facilities identified in the erosion and sediment control plan.

    (f)   Permittee shall repair any situation or erosion damage to adjoining surfaces and drainage ways, resulting from land disturbing construction activities and document repairs in a site erosion control log.  Remove accumulated sediment from downstream culverts, storm sewers, and other drainage facilities.

    (g)  Permittee shall inspect the practices within 24 hours after each rain of 0.5 inches or more which results in runoff during active construction periods, and a least once each week, make needed repairs and document the findings of the inspections in a site erosion control log with the date of the inspection, the name of the person conducting the inspection, and a description of the present phase of the construction at the site.

    (h)  Permittee shall allow the Director or Public Works to enter the site for the purpose of inspecting compliance with the erosion and sediment control plan or for performing any work necessary to bring the site into compliance with the control plain.  Permittee shall keep a copy of the erosion and sediment control plan at the construction site.

  10. Permits issued under this section shall be valid for a period of 180 days, or the length of the building permit or other construction authorizations, whichever is longer, from the date of issuance. The Director of Public works may extend the period one or more times for up to an additional 180 days. the Director of Public works may require additional BMP's as a condition of the extension if they are necessary to meet the requirements of this ordianance.

    Construction Site Erosion Control Plan 
    Application Checklist
    (Sites <1 Acre)

  12. NOTE:

    This checklist must be filled out as part of the building permit application and will be enforced as such

  13. Please check the appropriate box: I=Included; NA=Non-Applicable
  14. (If "NA" is checked, an explanation must be entered.)
  15. Checklist
  16. A. Submitting Requirements
  17. 1. Permit Application Form
  18. 2. Application Fee
  19. B. Predevelopment Site Conditions Mapping
  20. 1. North Arrow
  21. 2. Delineation of Proposed Land Disturbance Area
  22. 3. Existing/Proposed Site Information
  23. a. Buildings, roads, access drives
  24. b. Property lines
  25. c. Drainage ways
  26. d. Water bodies
  27. e. Trees
  28. f. Culverts
  29. g. Other Structures within 50 feet of proposed distburbance
  30. h. Direction/grade of slopes before/after disturbance
  31. C. Narrative
  32. 1. Description of Site and nature of construction activity
  33. 2. Construction start and end dates
  34. 3. Description and location of all temporary control practices
  35. City of Whitewater Construction Site

    Erosion Control Plan Application

  36. Checklist (Sites > One Acre)
  37. Please check the appropriate box: I=Included; NA=Non-Applicable
  38. (If "NA" is checked, an explanation must be entered.)
  39. Requirements
  40. A. Submittal Requirements
  41. 1. Permit Application Form
  42. B. Predevelopment Site Conditions Mapping
  43. 1. Location Map
  44. 2. Soils Survey Map
  45. 3. Existing Land Use Mapping
  46. 4. Predeveloped Site Conditions
  47. a. Existing Contours
  48. b. Property lines
  49. c. Existing flow paths and direction
  50. d. Outlet locations
  51. e. Drainage basin divides and subdivides
  52. f. Existing drainage structures on and adjacent to the site
  53. g. Nearby Watercourses
  54. h. Lakes, streams, wetlands, channels, ditches, etc.
  55. i. Limits of the 100-year floodplain
  56. C. Proposed Site Grading and Erosion Control Plan
  57. 1. Boundaries of the construction site
  58. 2. Drainage Patterns/slopes after grading activities
  59. 3. Areas of Land disturbance
  60. 4. Locations of structural and nonstructural controls
  61. 5. Drainage basin delineations and outfall locations
  62. D. Drawings/Details
  63. 1. Practice Location/Layout/Cross Sections
  64. 2. Construction Details
  65. E. Calculations, as required to demonstrate ordinance compliance
  66. F. Narrative
  67. 1. Name of receiving waters
  68. 2. Site Description/Nature of construction activity
  69. 3. Sequence of Construction
  70. 4. Estimate of site area and disturbance area
  71. 5. Pre and post-developed runoff coefficients
  72. 6. Description of proposed controls, including
  73. a. Interim and permanent stabilization practices
  74. b. Practices to divert flow from exposed soils
  75. c. Practices to store flows or trap sediment
  76. d. Any other practices proposed to meet ordinance
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