What plants or algae will die during the freeze and which will come back next spring/summer?

Aquatic plants that reproduce mainly by seed are known to be most successful following drawdown. Muskgrasses (Chara), Naiads, and thin-leaf pondweed species have been the most successful following other lake drawdowns. Plants that reproduce mainly by rhizomes and vegetative reproductive structures (winter buds, turions, bulbils) such as milfoil, coontail, and certain pondweed species are expected to decrease following drawdown. It is expected that emergent plants (cattail and bulrush) will recolonize shallow water areas to some extent the year after the drawdown. These plants have evolved to adapt with changing water levels and may benefit from the extended drawdown.

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1. What is a lake drawdown?
2. Why would the City of Whitewater do a lake drawdown?
3. When will the drawdown begin and how fast will it go down?
4. Is there concern about how long it will take to fill back up?
5. What will happen to the fish and other wildlife in the lake?
6. What are our personal dredging options during the drawdown? Are there any exemptions? Can I remove any material without a permit?
7. Is there a list of contractors providing shoreline work?
8. Can we remove trash from the exposed bed? Can we remove material such as broken glass?
9. Can we use this opportunity to add pea gravel?
10. Can we remove large boulders/rocks?
11. Can I replace or repair my rip rap?
12. Can I put in new rip rap? If not, what are other options other than rip rap for shore stabilization? What if I need rip rap to protect from man-made waves (boat traffic)?
13. Will the starry stonewort be sent downstream during the drawdown?
14. Will I be able to walk on the lake bottom?
15. Will the boat launches be open this Fall, Winter, Spring?
16. Can I remove the plants from the bottom of the lake in front of my house?
17. What plants or algae will die during the freeze and which will come back next spring/summer?
18. This year there was all this green stuff floating on the water over the past few weeks, what is that and will it go away next year?
19. I’m losing 2 seasons of my lake use; will this really work?