What do I do if I get a parking ticket?

Parking tickets may be contested by contacting the Whitewater Police Department within 7 days of issuance for a Municipal Court appearance. If a court appearance is not requested the ticket must be paid within 7 days. Payments can be made by putting the payment and ticket number in an envelope and placing it in the payment drop boxes in the vestibules of the Whitewater Municipal Building, via the U.S. Postal Service (do not send cash), by calling 262-473-0555 with credit card information or electronically by using the Payment Services Network.

If you experience technical difficulties please call Payment Services Network support at 1-877-885-7968. Payment Services Network now has a mobile app for android and i-phone. Visit the Google play store or i-Tunes to download the free mobile app. Search for "PSN Payments".

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2. What do I do if I get a parking ticket?
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