Emergency Management

In order to safely and effectively deal with natural or man made disasters, the Whitewater Police Department has an appointed officer to serve as Emergency Management Coordinator. We have developed policies, procedures, and plans to deal with specific emergency/disaster situations. The Emergency Management program represents an ongoing developmental process. The program includes:

  • Access to weather radar
  • Functional emergency operation center (EOC)
  • Maintenance of 8 outdoor warning sirens
  • Training
  • All other aspects of disaster preparedness

Education & Training

It is the mission of the Office of Emergency Management to protect the citizens of Whitewater through efficient handling of emergency situations to include man-made, natural or terrorist disasters. Continuous education and training is available through this program in order to better prepare Whitewater area residents to protect themselves following a major emergency or disaster until emergency services can respond.


Should you have any questions relating to severe weather and siren activation, please feel free to contact the Office of Emergency Management at 262-473-0570 or visit one of the websites relating to the National Weather Service.