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Application for Land Division

  1. City of Whitewater

    Application for Land Division 
    312 W Whitewater Street 
    P.O. Box 178
    Whitewater WI 53190
    (262) 473-0540

  2. Applicant and subject property information

    In order for applications to be processed all information, drawings, application signatures and fees required shall be submitted at the time of application (please complete all items - attach additional pages as necessary, put N/A if not applicable).

  3. Notice

    The Plan Commission meetings are scheduled at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of the month. All complete application materials must be submitted to the City by 4:00 p.m. four weeks prior to the meeting.

  4. Please check the appropriate box below for the type of application being submitted:
  5. Vacating
  6. Final plat, which also must include:
  7. Jurisdiction
  8. Applicant's signature

    I hereby Certify that the information supplied with this application is true and correct, and that the paper and electronic copies of the materials submitted are consistent with each other, to the best of my knowledge. In addition I have been given the Authority to sign on behalf of the other all parties involved in this Land Division Application.

  9. Applicant's role*
  10. Property Owner Information

    Please complete information-attach additional pages as necessary-put N/A if not applicable.

  11. If ownership is other than sole or community property, please name the partners, principals, beneficiaries, etc. respectively:
  12. Owner's agent/attorney (main contact person responsible for application)
  13. Role*
  14. Developer
  15. Developer's engineer
  16. Property description - complete either A or B.
  17. A. Recorded subdivision information
  18. B. Property Description Information: (attach a metes and bounds description with a sketch, signed and sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor)
  19. Deed(s) which conveyed the property to the present owner:
  20. Cost recovery certificate & agreement

    The city may retain the services of professional consultants (including planners, engineers, architects, attorneys, environmental specialists, and recreation specialists) to assist in the city’s review of an application for development review coming before the Plan and Architectural Review Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and/or Common Council. In fact, most applications require some level of review by the city’s planning consultant. City of Whitewater staff shall retain sole discretion in determining when and to what extent it is necessary to involve a professional consultant in the review of an application. The submittal of an application or petition for development review by an applicant shall be construed as an agreement to pay for such professional review services associated with the application or petition. The city may apply the charges for these services to the applicant and/or property owner in accordance with this agreement. The city may delay acceptance of an application or petition (considering it incomplete), or may delay final action or approval of the associated proposal, until the applicant pays such fees or the specified percentage thereof. Development review fees that are assigned to the applicant, but that are not actually paid, may then be imposed by the city as a special charge on the affected property.

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