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Posted on: March 23, 2022

Bird Electric Scooters Take Flight in Whitewater Once Again March 26, 2022

Bird Scooters Return March 26 2022 (1)

BIRD electric scooters will once again take flight in the City of Whitewater at no cost to the city, only to those who use the service. The scooters will be available Saturday, March 26, 2022.

In 2021 for their trial year, there was a total of 11,426 trips taken with 9,145 miles traveled (the equivalent distance from Whitewater to Madagascar). That is amazing!

If you have any questions, concerns or want to learn more about the scooters and how the service works, you need to reach out to BIRD directly at 1-866-205-2442 or as this is a private company and not controlled by the City of Whitewater. If you have concerns about how the scooters are used, you need to reach out to BIRD directly. More information about the company can be found on their website and on their blog You can also make a comment to BIRD directly within their app. 

How to use a BIRD Scooter

1. Download the BIRD app to find a scooter or to use one.
 2. Enter a payment method if your first time using the app.
 3. Follow the prompts in the app to scan the code on the BIRD scooter, take a photo of the scooter and to activate it.
 4. Ride to your destination- Scooters are recommended to be used in the street but can be used on sidewalks except in the downtown. When in the streets, follow the rules of the road- ride in bike lanes when available, ride on the right side of the road, obey rules including stop signs, crosswalks, stop lights, etc. and only drive at 15 mph max. When on sidewalks, ride at a slower speed and watch for pedestrians. Safety is most important for all citizens.
 5. When you reach your destination, park your scooter (not in the street or the sidewalk but along the sidewalk and grass or the red brick area between the sidewalk and road and at bike racks when possible), scan the scooter code in the app, take a picture of the parked scooter and pay for your ride. BIRD scooters can be left throughout the community for the next person to find and use through the app. They will stay in that location until they are used again. A BIRD representative may move the scooters if they need to be charged or moved to a more central location based on need. 

If you move the scooter when you don't scan and pay for it, the scooter will alarm and be disabled. If you do not scan it after your ride, you will be charged from BIRD. Those who use the scooter are responsible for the scooter. Riders must be 18 years to ride and are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet. If you see an issue with a scooter- you can touch the hazard button in the BIRD app to contact the company directly.

Safety for all citizens on foot, scooter, bike, car, etc. is strongly encouraged. 

BIRD offers the following programs that are available for all who qualify:

Other Links for BIRD Scooters:

  • Community Mode- Community Mode allows anyone with a BIRD account to report or provide feedback on vehicle-related issues such as poorly parked or damaged vehicles in their area. You will be asked to provide the BIRD ID number and the specific issue you’re experiencing, then one of our team members will be assigned to correct the issue. You can access Community Mode by tapping the yield sign on the bottom left of the BIRD map.
  • Beginners Blog- All you need to know to safely ride, park and experience the benefits of BIRD shared scooters in your city.

Bird Scooter Website
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