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Posted on: February 15, 2022

Water Tower Update and Time Lapse Video

Water Tower Update 3-15-22

City staff is documenting the progression of the new water tower as it is being built. A time-lapse camera has been placed facing East with Highway 12 in the background to take a daily photo and show the work completed each day. 

Check out this short time lapse video of the water tower progression for February and March on our City Facebook page!

Feb 3, 2022- The steel structure was delivered in sections that needed to be welded together. In the center, you can see the water main and valving that will feed the tower.  

Water Tower 2-3-22

Feb 4, 2022- Pieces delivered and area prepped.  

Water Tower 2-4-22

Feb 5, 2022- Pieces delivered and area prepped. 

Water Tower 2-5-22

Feb 6, 2022- Cranes in route to lift panels into place for welding. 

Water Tower 2-6-22

 Feb 7, 2022- Panels begin to be assembled. First, the pieces are set in place on the base then held with the crane. You can see the door opening on the first section. For each section, threaded rods come up from the concrete plate and each section of the tower precisely fits onto these rods and held into place with large threaded nuts. It was interesting to see the first piece started to be picked up by the crane at 8:20am and was in place by 8:45am. Water Tower 2-7-22

Feb 8, 2022- The second section was placed on Feb 7th at 4:15pm and welding began and continued inside and outside of the tank all day.Water Tower 2-8-22 2

Feb 9, 2022- Welding continues. 

Water Tower 2-9-22

Feb 10, 2022- Continuation of welding with more sections in place. 

Water Tower 2-10-22 2

Feb 11, 2022- No activity today due to the crew working 4 days a week and travel back home, some as far as Nebraska, for the weekend. 

Water Tower 2-11-22

Feb 15, 2022- Crane is use to connect the section that will be the bottom of the tank and panels are being welded on.

Water Tower 2-15-22

Feb 16, 2022- Feed pipe is put together and lifted with crane into the tower stem walls.

Water Tower 2-16-22

Feb 17, 2022- Frawley delivering fuel for welding crew, continue to work on feed pipe inside the tower and welding panels of the connection section that will be holding the bottom of the tank. 

Water Tower 2-17-22

Feb 18, 2022- Crew welds the joints between the metal panels. 

Water Tower 2-18-22

Feb 19, 2022- Worker use a manlift to remove the ladders from the areas where they are done welding. 

Water Tower 2-19-22

Feb 21, 2022- Assembling the tank walls on the ground.

Water Tower 2-21-22

Feb 23, 2022- Change of camera location to capture a better viewpoint of the tower been built. 

Water Tower 2-23-22

Feb 24, 2022- Weather played a part in moving forward and crews waited for materials/equipment.

Water Tower 2-24-22

Feb 28, 2022- Crew works on moving most of the tank panels and assembling them on the ground with the assistance of the cranes.

Water Tower 2-28-22

Mar 1, 2022- With a bigger crane, the crew lift the stem that connects to the piece of the tank and also lifted the stem ladder with safety device.

Water Tower 3-1-22

Mar 2, 2022

Water Tower 3-2-22

Mar 3, 2022

Water Tower 3-3-22

Mar 4, 2022

Water Tower 3-4-22

Mar 5, 2022

Water Tower 3-5-22

Mar 7, 2022 

Water Tower 3-7-22

Mar 8, 2022-  Adjust camera to view the height of the tower.

Water Tower 3-8-22

Mar 9, 2022-  Mainly working/welding on the tank panels on the ground.

Water Tower 3-9-22

Mar 10, 2022-  Frawley delivering fuel for welding crew, working on the stem panels and tank panels on the ground.

Water Tower 3-10-22

Mar 14, 2022-  Setting up the wire onto the crane on tower stem to pull tank welded panels up.

Water Tower 3-14-22

Mar 15, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-15-22

Mar 16, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-16-22

Mar 17, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-17-22

Mar 21, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-21-22

Mar 22, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-22-22

Mar 23, 2022- 

Water Tower 3-23-22

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Time Lapse Video on City Facebook Page!
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