Schedule Lead Service Line (LSL) Verification

What We Are Doing

In preparation for the Systemwide Lead Replacement Program mandated by the EPA, the Water Utility will be conducting a material inventory of the public and private service laterals. We will be identifying any unknown service laterals within the City. Examples of materials may include copper, iron, plastic, or lead. Service line verification on the private side (portion of the lateral that runs from the curb stop into your home or building to the water meter) may require one of our Water Utility operator to access your home or building and perform a visual inspection in order to determine your service line material.  

Scheduling of Verification

You will receive a letter from the City if your private side lateral material is unknown.  If you receive a letter, please call the Water Utility at 262-473-0560 or email between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to set up an appointment.  Appointment times are scheduled Monday through Friday during regular business hours and typically take 10 minutes or less.


Contact the Water Utility at 262-473-0560 if you have any questions about the service line verification process.