Code Enforcement

Community Living - General Guidelines for Residents

Check out our Tri-Fold that answers general questions regarding pets, lawns, trash, parking, potential violations, recreational fires, general licenses, and neighborhood relations.

Complaint Form

In order to file a complaint, the property must be located within the City of Whitewater jurisdiction. The property owner will be notified of any violation and given a timeframe to correct the issue. If the violation is not fixed per the ordinance, the violator will be issued a re-inspection fee. Vehicle complaints do not fall under the zoning code and will be forwarded to the Police Department.

Garbage Pick-up (Toters)

Garbage pick-up is weekly on Thursday mornings, citywide. Recycling is every two weeks. Bulky items are picked up on the second Thursday of the month. Garbage may not be set out earlier than 4:00 PM on Wednesday. Garbage containers must be restored to a place out of view from the street by 9:00 AM the day after pickup. If containers are left out and the city has to move them there will be a $25 fee charged to the property owner (ordinance 8.28.090). View additional information from John’s Disposal Services.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required for residents occupying living quarters adjacent to city lots due to limited parking spaces. Residents are entitled to purchase one resident parking permit by providing satisfactory proof of residency, such as a current lease. Employees of downtown businesses are entitled to purchase on-street parking permits with valid proof of employment. 

Visit the Parking Permits web page for more information: Parking Permits 

Parking Ticket Payments

All the information you need concerning payment of parking tickets can be found on the Parking Tickets web page: Parking Tickets