Disaster Registry & Vulnerability Checklist

Any number of circumstances during a particular emergency could enhance or hinder emergency response efforts during a disaster. Certain types of vulnerabilities could be offset if an individual has a reliable support system currently in place. Many individuals are able to determine for themselves whether they would be vulnerable to disasters or not.

Understanding Vulnerabilities

It is important for emergency responders to understand the vulnerabilities of residents in order to better prepare ahead of time what resources may be needed to respond in the most efficient manner.


The Whitewater Office of Emergency Management has developed a "Disaster Registry and Vulnerability Checklist" which can be completed by individuals with conditions that would require special assistance in the event of a disaster. The checklist asks basic questions and is strictly voluntary. The information contained in the registry will be placed into a database which will be used by emergency responders to identify vulnerable individuals in any affected area of the city. Periodic requests to update the information will be sent to those wishing to participate in this program.

The registry and checklist will be mailed out to each property owner in the city along with instructions. This checklist can also be accessed and completed on line.

Additional Information

For questions or more information, contact the Office of Emergency Management at 262-473-0570.