Business Assistance

Opportunities for Assistance

The Whitewater Community Development Assistance (CDA) has several programs to assist businesses and developers!

  1. Economic Development Loan Program
  2. Facade Loan Program

The Economic Development Loan Program has three components:

  • Industrial Development Loans are made to larger projects, and are primarily targeted to manufacturing businesses.
  • Commercial Enterprise Loans are made to larger retail and service businesses. Both of these loans have a 4.0% rate, and can be used primarily for asset expenses, such as land or building acquisition, building construction, or purchases of machinery. The CDA also has a loan program for small and start-up businesses.
  • The Micro-Loan Program has a maximum loan amount of $15,000, and may be used for a greater number of purposes. Businesses should contact the CDA to determine if these, or another program may be suited to their project.


Economic Development Loan Program Manual (PDF)

Tax Increment Finance Districts

The City of Whitewater created Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs) under authority of Wisconsin Statute Section 66.1105 primarily to promote the orderly development and redevelopment of the city. The construction of streets and utilities are needed in order to provide incentives for industrial, commercial and residential mixed-use growth, as well as to stimulate private sector development throughout the TID. The new development and redevelopment, which will occur as a result of the projects undertaken within the District boundaries, will provide the City with additional tax base and provide employment opportunities.

University of Wisconsin (UW)-Whitewater Resources

The UW-Whitewater has several programs available to assist businesses, and has created many innovative partnerships such as the Technology Consortium, which utilizes the Management Information Systems program at the university to develop software applications for businesses. The following are links to some of the university's programs: